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In 1979 we started with Wing Chun Kung Fu with a small group of friends. In the summer we trained in the Parc the "Leidse Hout" and in the winter we rented a small gym.
Kung Fu start

Because of the increasing interest we had to quickly hire a bigger room and the idea for uniform clothing. 1979

There was a name choosen and the Wing Chun Kune Academy was born!

In 1993, through our good friend and Jeet Kune Do instructor Richard Torres (New York, USA) we came in contact with Ted Wong and that was the beginning of our Jeet Kune Do training.


Since 2007 we have joined the United Ving Tsun Society and we go further as "The Academy" Ving Tsun Kung Fu & Jun Fan jeet Kune Do


Annual seminars organized by the Bruce Lee Educational Foundation in the United States were not to be missed. San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Las Vegas, we have trained many hours and got familiar with everyone.

In addition, the "in between" seminars in New York, Germany, Spain, Italy and not to forget the private lessons with Ted Wong in Los Angeles, New York and the Netherlands when he is in the Low Lands. All seminars were packed with information,
and you surprise you every time that you can still learn.

But hey, do not think we mean that you should learn as much as possible. "Simplicity" is the key, but it is clear you if you train with us for a while!

The highlight was the Bruce Lee Educational Foundation seminar in 2001 that we could organize in the Netherlands. All students of Bruce together, and his wife and daughter.

Here more info from the 2001 seminar


 This was really a "one in a life time experience" that you could not miss. Unfortunately, this was also the last time that the BLEF was together in its former composition.

The new organization (Bruce Lee Foundation) has been established and the board members are Linda Lee Cadwell, Shannon Lee Keasler, Ted Wong, Joe Allen and Taky Kimura. The survival of the martial arts of Bruce Lee, it guaranteed for the future.


With pride we can say that we belong to the 2nd generation of teachers after Bruce! We are one of the few in Europe and even the only ones in the Netherlands that have been certified by Ted Wong, to teach in the original Jun Fan jeet Kune Do.


It's hard to imagine that Bruce is deceased in 1973, everyone talking and thinking today directly to Bruce as it is somewhat on martial arts. And always there is a film by Bruce seen.

Now is jeet Kune Do from the film of course a different story than the martial arts as practiced by us. The cameravieuw should always spectacular, and sometimes even slowed down, otherwise you don't see what happens!

We try to teach the Jeet Kune Do as pure as possible to the next generation so that this unique martial arts is not lost.
When you train at The Academy, you learn the original jeet Kune Do, as designed by Bruce Lee.

You will soon become clear that there are very many "so called Jeet Kune Do Schools" in jeet Kune Do world.

But revieuw that yourself by training with us, the only thing we expect is commitment.
It doesn't matter if you have no experince at all in martial arts or practising a martial art for years.
By the simple structure is anyone able to learn Jeet Kune Do and soon it could be applied.



And say for yourself now, what is more exciting than to tell that you belong to the 3rd generation after Bruce Lee?

Indeed, nothing at all! right?

Try it your self,

Hope to see you soon!

In the spirit of Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do.

James & George


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