Chi Sau

Ving Tsun training includes, besides the normal "sparring" (free fight), a typical form of contact sparring, known as "Go-Sau.

You start with one arm Chi-Sau (hard enough!) But soon will you work with two arms. A more advanced Ving Tsun Chi Sau practitioner can also do it blindfolded.


Chi Sau

By Chi-sau training you train your main balance, momentum, timing and skill with the hands.

The moment you "can feel" what happens you have a great advantage over the "normal" look first and then do something.

You can be just slightly more responsive then the opponent.
The chi sau is an exclusive training method in the Ving Tsun system which none of the traditional martial arts use.

The "tan-sau", the "fook-sau" and the "bong-sau" forms the 3 basic techniques in chi-sau.


Bong Lap Sau Sau, also an exercise to develop your feelings. Photo