Sifu wang kiu passed away

With great sadness we heard that Wang Kiu has passed away.

Walk on Sifu, rest in peace.

James & George

Wang Kiu 1923 - 2009

Dear Friends, 
You might already have heard the sad news, May 13th 2009, 10.30 a.m., Joseph Kiu Wang passed away at home in The Hague.   After some difficult weeks, in which Wang Kiu tried to do his best to eat, drink and laugh, it has ended now.

In a short time I will inform you about possibilities to visit Wang Kiu in his home.

The cremation will be on Monday 18th of May.

There will be a define service (church) in the morning. After that Wang Kiu will be brought to the crematorium where there will be possibilities for some to bring some personal sayings. If anyone feels for such a saying, please contact me.   Further, it would be, in respect to Wang Kiu, nice to have as many people as possible on this Monday. Everyone is welcome to pay their respect.

Please send this message to anyone which is not on this mailing list and you think that he or she should be informed also.   I will try to send you new information today/tomorrow about time schedules and so on.

With caring and sincere respect,

Dennis Wetter
Wang Kiu Wing Chun Foundation